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  • The Champagne Spy

    The Champagne Spy


    Israel’s Man in Egypt
    Lotz, Wolfgang 

    The true story of Wolfgang Lotz, nicknamed The Champagne Spy by his handler. His story bears a striking similarity to that of Eli Cohen, portrayed by Sasha Baron Cohen in Netflix’s The Spy.

    As a top...

  • The Left Against Zion

    The Left Against Zion


    Communism, Israel and the Middle East

    Communist opposition to Zionism has a long history which pre-dates both the Russian Revolution and the Balfour Declaration of November 1917. Yet the Communist and Marxist critique of Zionism has always had a curious inconsistency, since it is not applied to all nationalist solutions of...

  • The Liberation of Jerusalem

    The Liberation of Jerusalem


    The War of Independence of 1948 first gave rise to the divided city of Jerusalem, in which the Old City remained in Arab hands. This book analyzes the Six-Day War, a 72-hour period which shook the Jewish world, in which General Uzi Narkiss commanded the battle to reclaim Jerusalem for...

  • The Next War between Israel and Egypt

    The Next War between Israel and Egypt


    Examining a High-intensity War between Two of the Strongest Militaries in the Middle East

    Eilam, Ehud

    Based on an insider's knowledge of weaponry and of actual Israeli and Egyptian battle strategies, this book examines how two of the strongest regional militaries would likely fight a high intensity war in the Middle East....

  • The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders

    The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders


    Media and Conflict in Israel

    Caspi, Dan; Kabha, Mustafa

    Why has the Israeli government tried to control the Arab media in Israel? What was the purpose of this and how has the Arabic press begun to liberate itself? The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders offers an integrated historical-sociological study of the Palestinian press within...

  • The Palestinian Covenant and Its Meaning

    The Palestinian Covenant and Its Meaning

    from £13.50

    Copyright: 7/5/1979

  • The Palestinian Press as a Shaper of Public Opinion 1929-1939

    The Palestinian Press as a Shaper of Public Opinion 1929-1939

    from £22.00

    Writing Up a Storm

    Kabha, Mustafa

    This book deals with the development of the Palestinian Arabic press during the years 1929-1939, years in which the national identity of the Palestinian Arab public was formalized and shaped and characterized by the development of the Palestinian National Movement. During this period, the Palestinian National...

  • Through the Eyes of the Mufti

    Through the Eyes of the Mufti


    The Essays of Haj Amin, Translated and Annotated

    Edited by: Elpeleg, Zvi

    Mufti Haj Amin al-Husayni had no chance of prevailing against the well-organized Zionist movement with its international support. The Palestinian Party that he headed after the First World War was split, conflicted and rife with corruption. In particular, it was...

  • Voyage To Freedom

    Voyage To Freedom


    An Episode of Illegal Immigration to Palestine

    Copyright: 6/6/1985

  • Winds Over Jerusalem

    Winds Over Jerusalem


    The Story of Rae Landy, Pioneer Nurse of Hadassah

    Perkul, Debbi

    Winds Over Jerusalem provides a rare, eyewitness account of Jerusalem 1913-15, a critical period in history, through the lens of two American Jewish women. It adds insight and understanding to the complex relationship that still exists between American Jews, Israel and...