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  • Izak Goller

    Izak Goller


    Selected Poems, Plays and Prose

    Goller, Izak

    Edited by: Sivan, Gabriel

    Izak Goller (1891-1939) was a gifted and inspiring teacher, poet, playwright, novelist, and thinker. Now, more than 70 years after his death, readers can better appreciate Goller's artistry, his fearless hard-hitting style, and his uncompromising Zionism. Goller had three parallel careers -...

  • Jewish Writing Today

    Jewish Writing Today


    Copyright: 1/1/1974

  • Look Up and Dream

    Look Up and Dream


    Rietti, Robert

    There is an old Jewish saying that when disasters occur this too is for the best. Robert Rietti has brought together a selection of tales that are either true incidents that he has gleaned from others or events that he has experienced. They express his hope and trust and...

  • New Women's Writing from Israel

    New Women's Writing from Israel

    from £19.50

    Edited by: Domb, Risa

    Copyright: 7/22/1996

  • Portraits in Literature

    Portraits in Literature


    The Jews of Poland: An Anthology

    Edited by: Bromberg Ben-Zvi, Hava

    Finalist in Anthologies and Collections, National Jewish Book Awards - Of the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, three million were from Poland. Their literary heritage is a treasure to be preserved, and this lavish anthology gathers together the rich...

  • Reconfiguring Surrealism in Modern Hebrew Literature

    Reconfiguring Surrealism in Modern Hebrew Literature


    Menashe Levin, Yitzhak Oren and Yitzhak Orpaz

    Miller, Giulia

    This book challenges the popular notion that there is no Modern Hebrew Surrealist literature. It focuses upon the writings of three lesser-known Hebrew authors - Menashe Levin, Yitzhak Oren, and Yitzhak Orpaz - and considers the nature and function of their particular strands...

  • The Golden Chain

    The Golden Chain

    from £17.95

    Fifty Years of The Jewish Quarterly

    Edited by: Lehrer, Natasha

    The Golden Chain recalls a great Yiddish idea - die goldene keyt- the handling on the enormous cultural wealth of Jewish tradition from generation to generation. This was the mission of the founding editor of The Jewish Quarterly, Jacob Sonnag, who, as...

  • We Are Strangers Here

    We Are Strangers Here


    An Enemy Alien in Prison in 1940

    Borchard, Ruth

    Ruth Borchardt's Interned: An Enemy Alien in Holloway Prison, reproduced here with an introduction by Charmian Brinson, was written but not completed in 1943, and only came to light after the author's recent death. The novel vividly describes the plight of a young...