• The View from Damascus

    The View from Damascus


    State, Political Community and Foreign Relations in Modern and Contemporary Syria (Second Edition)

    Rabinovich, Itamar

    Throughout the last 100 years, Syria has been a crucial hub of Middle Eastern events. As the birth place and 'pulsating heart' of Arab nationalism, and as the object of colonial and regional ambitions, Syria has been...

  • Through Blood and Tears

    Through Blood and Tears


    Surviving Hitler and Stalin

    Skorr, Henrik; Sokolov, Ivan

    Henry Skorr shares his extraordinary story of his struggle to survive as a teenager during the Nazi occupation of Poland, his attempts to rescue others, and to maintain humanity in the face of unbelievable evil. He gives a fascinating account of Polish-Jewish life before...

  • To Forgive But Not Forget

    To Forgive But Not Forget


    Abramovitch, Maja

    On Sunday, August 6, 1944, Maja and her mother and the woefully few remnants of the Jewish population of the town of Daugavpils in Latvia, were brought together on the docks of Riga. They were to be loaded into a boat for transport to the Stutthof death camp in...

  • Two Ways To God

    Two Ways To God


    Copyright: 1/1/1968

  • Wartime Experiences in Lithuania

    Wartime Experiences in Lithuania


    Lozansky Bogomolnaya, Rivka

    Copyright: 11/7/2000