• 'Ask the Rabbi'

    'Ask the Rabbi'


    Questions and Answers on Judaism

    Jacobs, Louis

    The 'Ask the Rabbi' column in the Jewish Chronicle was an extremely popular weekly feature of the paper. During more than 25 years, over 1,000 lively questions and answers accumulated, of which this book is a selection arranged according to various themes. It can now...

  • 'Thank you for your business'

    'Thank you for your business'

    from £19.95

    The Jewish Contribution to the British Economy

    Taylor, Derek

    Over the centuries, arguments have raged over whether or not Britain should be welcoming toward immigrants. This is a book about a tiny proportion of the immigrants to whom Britain did grant asylum, refuge, and liberty. It is the first detailed...

  • 1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach

    1001 Questions and Answers on Pesach

    from £16.95

    Cohen, Jeffrey

    [from Chief Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks] Rabbi Cohen writes within a great tradition, bringing together Torah and chokmah, Jewish wisdom and the broad panoply of human knowledge, and finding in their interplay a never-ending source of deepened understanding. He is both sage and man of faith, a lucid teacher...

  • 150 Years of the Central Synagogue

    150 Years of the Central Synagogue


    Taylor, Derek

    When Jews left the City and the East End of London to live in the West End, they needed a Synagogue and started a branch of the Great Synagogue in 1855. From this came the Central Synagogue in Hallam Street in 1870. It was one of the founding...

  • 250 Years of Convention and Contention

    250 Years of Convention and Contention


    A History of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, 1760-2010

    Langham, Raphael

    In November 1760, the leaders of the Bevis Marks synagogue in London established a committee to consider how the synagogue should pay homage to King George III, who had just ascended the throne. This committee evolved into what we...

  • 500 Questions and Answers on Chanukah

    500 Questions and Answers on Chanukah

    from £17.50

    Cohen, Jeffrey

    This book is probably the most comprehensive and detailed treatment of the festival of Chanukah in the English language. It commences by placing the festival in its historical context by surveying the history of the Jewish people from Abraham until Alexander, and proceeds to explain the origin, nature and...

  • A Cat Called Adolf

    A Cat Called Adolf


    Levi, Trude

    This is one holocaust memoir which does not stop at survival but goes on to describe the lasting effects upon those survivors of their persecution, betrayal and suffering. Trude Levi was inspired to set down her memories of her experiences as a young Hungarian girl deported to Buchenwald to...

  • A Child Alone

    A Child Alone


    Blend, Martha

    In the late 1930s, as the Nazis' grip of Germany and Austria tightened and their persecution of Jews intensified, many Jewish parents were desperate for their children, at least, to escape the terror that threatened them all. The organized exodus of children - the Kindertransport - did indeed save...

  • A Fairy Tale Unmasked

    A Fairy Tale Unmasked


    The Teacher and the Nazi Slaves
    Vaupel, Dieter with Stone, D.Z.

    A Fairy Tale Unmasked is two books in one, each building on the other. Part I is the effort of a German High School teacher and his indefatigable students to uncover the true history of their town, once the site...

  • A Good Jew and a Good Englishman

    A Good Jew and a Good Englishman


    The Jewish Lads and Girls Brigade

    Kadish, Sharman

    Copyright: 2/1/1995