• 150 Years of the Central Synagogue

    150 Years of the Central Synagogue


    Taylor, Derek

    When Jews left the City and the East End of London to live in the West End, they needed a Synagogue and started a branch of the Great Synagogue in 1855. From this came the Central Synagogue in Hallam Street in 1870. It was...

  • New Voices

    New Voices


    Contemporary Writers Confronting the Holocaust

    Debs, Howard and Silverman, Matthew (Eds)

    The aim to incorporate cognitive science in the New Voices project is most worthy and should certainly be pursued.
    Paul Vincent, Professor Emeritus, Holocaust & Genocide Studies Keene State College

    Part of what art...

  • The Invisible Holocaust

    The Invisible Holocaust


    The Story of Ruth Ravina
    Gabriel, Marlen

    Ruth Ravina’s story is one of childhood under duress. She survived hunger, cold, solitude, existential boredom, and life-threatening situations. Born on April 7, 1937 in Warsaw, Poland, she was raised in Kozienice. In 1940, about a year...