• Africa and Israel


    A Unique Case in Israeli Foreign Relations

    Oded, Arye

    Oded analyses Israel's complex relationship with African countries from the 1950s to the present day in this meticulously researched new book. These links fall into three broad phases. The first, from the 1950s - the 'honeymoon' period - began as African countries started...

  • Jewish Germany

    from £20.00

    An Enduring Presence from the Fourth to the Twenty-first Century

    Levinson, David

    160 pages

    Due: 11/9/2017

  • Life



    A Temporary Title

    Amiel, Irit

    Born in 1931 to a secular Jewish family in Poland, Irit Amiel grew up in the city of Czestochowa with its significant Jewish community of 30,000. She survived the Second World War having escaped from the ghetto and living under false Aryan papers, in various places. In...

  • The Women of Obernheide


    Jewish Women as Forced Laborers in Bremen, 1944-45

    Mueller, Helmut

    In August 1944, 800 Jewish women from Hungary and Poland were moved from Auschwitz to Bremen to undertake forced labour. This important book presents unique research on a forgotten camp and its forgotten forced workers. Helmut Mueller writes from the point of...