Jewish Heritage

  • 'Thank you for your business'

    'Thank you for your business'

    from £16.95

    The Jewish Contribution to the British Economy

    Taylor, Derek

    Over the centuries, arguments have raged over whether or not Britain should be welcoming toward immigrants. This is a book about a tiny proportion of the immigrants to whom Britain did grant asylum, refuge, and liberty. It is the first detailed examination into...

  • A House of Memories

    A House of Memories


    58 Avenue Road

    Raviv, Hana

    100 pages

    Copyright: 2/27/1998

  • An Ancient Lineage

    An Ancient Lineage


    European Roots of a Jewish Family: Gelles-Griffel-Wahl-Chajes-Safier-Loew-Taube

    Gelles, Edward

    This work contains a detailed account of the methods used by the author in delving into his family background. The enquiry encompasses the entire continent of Europe over a period of many centuries. Gelles, Griffel, Wahl, Chajes, Safier, Loew, and Taube are part...

  • Aspects of French Jewry


    Copyright: 1/1/1969

  • British Chief Rabbis, 1664-2006

    British Chief Rabbis, 1664-2006

    from £19.95

    Taylor, Derek

    British Chief Rabbis tells how they achieved what, in retrospect, seems almost the impossible. The survival of the Jewish Community in Britain in the last 350 years as an Orthodox body has been an extraordinary story of success against all odds. Most of the credit goes to 22 men...

  • Building Jerusalem

    Building Jerusalem

    from £19.95

    Jewish Architecture in Britain

    Edited by: Kadish, Sharman

    Copyright: 10/1/1996

  • Capturing Memories

    Capturing Memories


    The Art of Reminiscing

    Gordon, Sue; Rosefield, Jeanie; Stanton, Pat; Woolf, Vivienne

    In today's fast-paced world, older people find little opportunity to tell stories and pass on the wisdom of their experience and years. They remember the past clearly, but the art of storytelling has been lost. Reminiscence classes revive this art....

  • Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Descent

    Composers of Classical Music of Jewish Descent

    from £19.95

    Stevens, Lewis

    This book describes and explains the relative preponderance of composers of Jewish descent, particularly during the last two hundred years. The first two chapters of the book give a brief history of composers of Jewish descent from biblical times to the present day. Chapter three attempts to assess the...

  • Immanuel Jakobovits

    Immanuel Jakobovits


    A Prophet in Israel

    Persoff, Meir

    Chaim Bermant called him 'far and away the greatest Chief Rabbi Britain has had'. Margaret Thatcher described him as 'one of the most remarkable spiritual leaders of the twentieth century'. And Jonathan Sacks lauded him as 'a prince of God in our midst'. From his first...

  • Jewish Living

    Jewish Living


    4th Edition

    Turner, Reuben

    In this informative handbook will be found the values of Judaism that have been the strong link in the golden chain of Jewish history. The compilation of knowledge found in these pages will be useful to all those who wish to find out more about the meaning and...