Holocaust Memoirs

  • Smuggled in Potato Sacks

    Smuggled in Potato Sacks


    Fifty Stories of the Hidden Children of the Kaunas Ghetto

    Edited by: Abramovich, Solomon; Zilberg, Yakov

    About 5,000 children were imprisoned in the Kaunas Ghetto from 1941-1944, of whom some 250-300 were smuggled out of the ghetto, hidden by Gentiles and survived. This book is a collective memory of events that happened...

  • Surviving the Nazis Exile and Siberia

    Surviving the Nazis Exile and Siberia



    Sekules, Edith

    176 pages

    Copyright: 3/9/2000

  • The Children Accuse

    The Children Accuse


    320 pages

    Copyright: 8/21/1996

  • The Cigarette Sellers of Three Crosses Square

    The Cigarette Sellers of Three Crosses Square


    Ziemian, Joseph

    The astonishing, true story of a group of Jewish children who managed to escape from the Warsaw ghetto in 1942 and survive in the Aryan section of the Nazi-occupied city. Sentenced to death, hounded at every step, they kept themselves alive by peddling cigarettes in Warsaw's Three Crosses...

  • The Girl in the Check Coat

    The Girl in the Check Coat


    Winecki, Christine

    Christine Winecki is a Holocaust child survivor. In her book she presents the story of her life, starting with the fond memories of her early childhood in south-eastern Poland, and then taking the reader through the turbulent years of the Second World War under Soviet and then German occupation....

  • The Invisible Holocaust

    The Invisible Holocaust


    The Story of Ruth Ravina
    Gabriel, Marlen

    Ruth Ravina’s story is one of childhood under duress. She survived hunger, cold, solitude, existential boredom, and life-threatening situations. Born on April 7, 1937 in Warsaw, Poland, she was raised in Kozienice. In 1940, about a year...

  • The Remnant

    The Remnant


    On Burning Wings: To a Displaced Persons Camp and Beyond
    Kesler, Michael G. 

    Throughout the ordeal, Michael Kesler seems to have made all the right choices. Yet as his compelling memoir shows, even the best choices were often accompanied by a deep sense of shame...

  • The Single Light

    The Single Light


    Levy, Ernest

    Ernest Levy, the youngest of eight, was born into a strong Orthodox family and achieved his Bar Mitzvah as Nazism reached into Czechoslovakia and expelled Jews of Hungarian origin back across the border. From there his story takes us through the war years, via Auschwitz, to the labor camps,...

  • Till First Morning Light

    Till First Morning Light


    Tales of Hungarian Jewry

    Barzilai, Yaakov

    Till First Morning Light is an autobiographical novel by a survivor of the Holocaust, the core of which is fact within a novelistic style. The story takes place in three countries - Hungary, Austria and Germany - during the years of Nazi rule. The story depicts...

  • Trust and Deceit

    Trust and Deceit


    A Tale of Survival in Slovakia and Hungary, 1939-1945

    Vrbova, Gerta

    This autobiography describes the dramatic events in Slovakia and Hungary between 1939 and 1945 seen through the eyes of a Jewish child/teenager, Gerti. The rise of fascism in Slovakia destroyed the peaceful co-existence of the Jews with their Slovak neighbours and...