After Mussolini

Jewish Life and Jewish Memories in Post-Fascist Italy

Schwarz, Guri

After Mussolini explores the genesis of the 'myth of the good Italian.' This myth was deliberately promoted by the Italian Foreign Ministry, which aimed to obtain a non-punitive peace treaty by distancing the nation from German guilt. Through in-depth research, the book illustrates how Italian Jews, in their efforts to reintegrate in the country after the Second World War, contributed to shaping and legitimizing a representation of Fascist persecutions which drastically downplayed Italian responsibilities in the Holocaust. In addition, the book focuses on community reconstruction and social reintegration, and it is the first comprehensive history of post-war Italian Jewry between 1945 and 1961. *** ...a thoroughly researched, sophisticated volume of great value for advanced students. Highly recommended. - M. A. Meyer, emeritus, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, Choice, February 2013, Vol. 50, No. 6. *** Guri Schwarz is an Italian Jewish historian, academician and, since 2005, a member and coordinator of the scientific board of the Center for Contemporary Jewish Documentation of Milan. This book is a scholarly work that contributes to a more realistic view of life in Italy; it will provide greater knowledge of the historical facts for Jewish readers in particular. - Nira G. Wolfe, Independent researcher; Head Librarian, Hebrew Theological College (retired), Skokie, IL

240 pages

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