Jewish Thought

  • New Age Judaism

    New Age Judaism

    from £18.95

    Edited by: Rothenberg, Celia; Vallely, Anne

    This edited volume explores a range of experiences and conceptualizations of New Age Judaism, an imprecise term denoting new and evolving forms of North American Judaism that are typically innovative, combinative, and often controversial. Chapters analyze the phenomenon of New Age Judaism from theoretical, theological...

  • Perlzweig



    Pioneer of British Zionism

    Perlzweig, Maurice

    Edited by: Caute, David

    Maurice L. Perlzweig (1895-1985) was the eldest son of an immigrant Jewish cantor and musical composer. The young Maurice gained degrees at UCL and Christ's College, Cambridge. Having abandoned Orthodox Judaism, he became second minister at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue...

  • Studies in Talmudic Logic and Methodology

    Studies in Talmudic Logic and Methodology


    Jacobs, Louis

    In the traditional Talmudic methodologies, the subjects of Talmudic logic and methodology are generally treated together. With a few notable exceptions, there has been little attempt at a systematic presentation of such matters as the structure of the Talmudic arguments, the division of the sugya into its component parts,...

  • The Political and Social Philosophy of Ze'ev Jabotinsky

    The Political and Social Philosophy of Ze'ev Jabotinsky


    Selected Writings

    Sarig, Mordechai

    Ze'ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky (1880-1940) made his name as a journalist, novelist, poet, translator, soldier, linguist, and as one of the foremost orators of his day, mesmerizing his audiences in any of the seven languages he mastered. Above all, he was a charismatic political leader with rare prophetic vision...

  • Why Evolution Matters: A Jewish View

    Why Evolution Matters: A Jewish View


    Rutman, Joel

    Why Evolution Matters examines the concept of evolution in relation to Judaism, showing that far from something to be avoided within the religion, evolutionary thought deepens an understanding of classic areas of Jewish concern, including free will, moral behavior, suffering, and death. The book presents a novel interpretation of...