Capturing Memories

The Art of Reminiscing

Gordon, Sue; Rosefield, Jeanie; Stanton, Pat; Woolf, Vivienne

In today's fast-paced world, older people find little opportunity to tell stories and pass on the wisdom of their experience and years. They remember the past clearly, but the art of storytelling has been lost. Reminiscence classes revive this art. People's lives are recalled and valued through listening, talking and discussing; and, at the same time, a wealth of social history is preserved for posterity. This book shows how this has been achieved in a local Jewish community and how easily the reader could do the same in their own community, Jewish or otherwise. Capturing Memories has 12 chapters, each depicting a different facet of East End Jewish life between the Wars. There are a further two chapters on the process of reminiscing and the value of remembering the past: appendices provide additional suggestions and guidelines concerning this process. The illustrations are rare and each one informs or entertains the reader.

152 pages

Copyright: 3/1/2002