Aspects of Liberal Judaism

Essays in Honour of John D Rayner

Edited by: Goldberg, David; Kessler, Edward

Rabbi Dr John D Rayner CBE, Hon. Life Pres of Liberal Judaism, is one of the most distinguished Progressive rabbis in the world. Over a career spanning more than 50 years, he has written, lectured, taught and expounded a contemporary version of Judaism that has won him respect and admiration from all branches of Anglo-Jewry and beyond. These essays, to mark his 80th birthday, reflect the wide variety of his interests and the admiration of his friends and colleagues. The collection includes contributions from some of the most well known figures in modern Jewish thought including Rabbi Dr Louis Jacobs, Professor Eric Friedland, Rabbi Dr Albert Friedlander and Dame Julia Neuberger. The editors believe this is a fitting tribute to a man whose pastoral care, and love of Judaism stretches far beyond the confines of his community and reaches out to followers of all religious traditions.

251 pages

Copyright: 10/31/2004