From Lwow to Parma

A Young Woman's Escape from Nazi-Occupied Poland

Rosenfeld, Klara

Klara Rosenfeld was born in 1924 in Lwow, Poland. This book chronicles her experiences of life under the Soviets, the German occupation, life in the ghetto, her rescue by an Italian soldier and her escape to a convent in Italy. After the war Klara was located by the Jewish Brigades and united with other Jewish survivors in a 'kibbutz' in Parma. In 1946 she joined more than a thousand survivors on the ship Antzo Sireney, bound for Palestine, but the ship was stopped by the British forces and the survivors were sent to prison camps in Atilt. After her release Klara chose to stay in Palestine, met her husband and settled in Rishon Le Zion, where she raised her two children and lives to this day.

160 pages

Copyright: 11/1/2005