Intelligence Co-operation between Poland and Great Britain during World War II

The Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee Volume 1

Edited by: Dubicki, Tadeusz; Nalecz, Daria; Stirling, Tessa

The Anglo-Polish Historical Committee was established in 2000 with the full support of the Prime Ministers of both countries. The committee, made up of historians and official experts from both countries, was set up to identify and evaluate surviving historical records which would show the extent of the contribution made by Polish Intelligence to the Allied victory in World War II. In order to assist the committee's work, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Chief Historian has been granted access to the archives of the British Intelligence Services. The Polish historians have concentrated their efforts on those documents publicly available in the archives of, for example, Britain, Poland and the United States of America. It is hoped that through the research undertaken and now published as the Report of the Anglo-Polish Historical Committee for the first time, new light will be shed on the contribution of the Polish nation to Allied victory.

586 pages

Copyright: 6/1/2005