The History of a Shtetl

Edited by: Kagan, Jack

'This book is a moving testimony to a world that no longer exists. It recreates the richness of life in a Jewish shtetl before the German invasion without sentimentality. It documents the savage destruction of this Jewish world with the aid of documents, photographs, and family memoirs, and includes stories of extraordinary bravery and survival.' - Dr Joanna Newman, Executive Director, London Jewish Cultural Centre --- 'Jack Kagan was born in Novogrudok, when it was a town in inter-war Poland. He was there when it became part of the Soviet Union in 1939, and when the German army marched in, in 1941. ... This book is a remarkable and lasting memorial to four hundred years of Jewish life, edited with devotion.' - Sir Martin Gilbert, Honorary Fellow, Merton College, Oxford --- 'This book ... is a tribute of love from a citizen to his native town. It is a valuable document which brings greater understanding to the terrible course of events that brought so much misery and suffering to the Jewish community and changed so many people's lives for ever.' - From the foreword by Tamara Vershitskaya, Curator, Museum of History and Regional Studies, Novogrudok

287 pages

Copyright: 2/1/2006