Palestinians between Nationalism and Islam

Israeli, Raphael

This collection of mostly already-published articles illustrates the tension over the years between nascent Palestinian nationalism as articulated by the PLO and Islam as incorporated by Hamas. The latter's victory in the 2006 elections makes the matter all the more pertinent. Contents include: Introduction: Palestinian Affairs in World Perspective --- Arab Reckoning after September 11 --- Islamic Fundamentalism in the Public Square --- From Bosnia to Kosovo: The Re-Islamization of the Balkans --- The New Muslim Antisemitism: Exploring Novel Avenues of Hatred --- From Oslo to Bethlehem: Arafat's Islamic Message --- State and Religion in the Emerging Palestinian Entity --- Palestinian Women: The Quest for a Voice in the Public Square through Islamikaze Martyrdom --- Arabs in Israel: Criminality, Identity, and the Peace Process --- Muslim Fundamentalists as Social Revolutionaries --- The Anti-Millennium: The Islamization of Nazareth --- Squaring the Palestinian Triangle --- Stability and Change

320 pages

Copyright: 3/17/2008

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