Smuggled in Potato Sacks

Fifty Stories of the Hidden Children of the Kaunas Ghetto

Edited by: Abramovich, Solomon; Zilberg, Yakov

About 5,000 children were imprisoned in the Kaunas Ghetto from 1941-1944, of whom some 250-300 were smuggled out of the ghetto, hidden by Gentiles and survived. This book is a collective memory of events that happened to Kaunas Jewry during the Nazi occupation of Lithuania. It contains 50 stories of people who suffered through the Holocaust in their childhood in Kaunas. Most of the contributors are writing about their ordeal for the first time, after more then 60 years of silence. The stories cover the background of the families before the war, life in the Ghetto, and the main tragic events that happened in Kaunas during three years of fascist regime in Lithuania. The memoirs describe how children were smuggled out of the Ghetto and their experiences and feelings living with the gentiles who sheltered them.

432 pages

Copyright: 1/26/2011