Siddur Shevet Asher

The Tribe Siddur for Children and Families

Edited by: Tribe: The Young United Synagogue,

This siddur (Jewish daily prayer book) - in Hebrew text with English notations - is written for children ages 8-12. Each religious service and section of prayer in the siddur is now color coded. Symbols throughout will guide readers - both children and their families - to information, instructions, and brief translations. Links to 'JOG,' the Jewish Online Guides on the United Synagogue website, and a QR code will take the reader straight to instructional video clips - another innovation. With an introduction by Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, this revised edition has also been expanded to include all the additional prayers for High Holydays. It is designed for teachers and children's service leaders, avoiding the need for an additional prayerbook. Also included are additional tehillim, psalms said at time of difficulty and for the healing of a sick person, etc. With full color illustrations throughout, the Siddur Shevet Asher is certain to become the new 'must have' prayer book for all children and families, as a stepping stone to the, now familiar, 'Sacks' Singer's Authorised Daily Prayer Book.

284 pages

Copyright: 9/19/2012