The Arab Mind Bound

Heggy, Tarek

The Arab Mind Bound proposes that Arab culture has been stifled by two major problems. The first is that of religion misinterpreted. Islam has come to be seen and propagated as a religion of violence, while in reality this violence is merely the result of a single interpretation of Islam. In fact, there are other interpretations that call for moderation and progress. The second problem is education. The backward education system engenders misconceptions which in turn provoke political, social, and economic problems. These trigger a vicious circle which fortifies the existing Arab mindset. The Arab societies are thus trapped in this cycle, to which the only solution is science and modern management. The Arab Mind Bound looks at the factors which led to the rapid spread and influence of violent Islam and its effect on Arab societies. Written by Tarek Heggy, this insightful and topical book is a companion volume to Heggy's The Arab Cocoon: Progress and Modernity in Arab Societies.

192 pages

Copyright: 7/1/2011
New in paperback: 22/02/2022