Ethnic Minorities and Media in the Holy Land

Edited by: Caspi, Dan; Elias, Nelly

Numerous studies have noted the dual role that the media plays in the lives of minorities: portraying and influencing their assimilation into the majority society, as well as isolation there from, while also adopting new identities and preserving original ones. In this context, Israeli society provides a rare test case, as nearly half of its population is made up of various minorities. This anthology comprises selected studies about minorities and the media in Israel. The book's articles are written by key Israeli minority studies and media scholars, with special emphasis on those who are themselves part of minority groups. Based on an innovative paradigm that differentiates between media for minorities and media by minorities, the book contains important insights for understanding the place and roles of the minority media in other national contexts. It is a fascinating portrait of a mosaic of minorities and co-cultures. [Subject: Sociology, Middle East Studies, Israeli Studies, Minority Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies]

264 pages

Copyright: 3/11/2014