In the Shadows of Memory

The Holocaust and the Third Generation

Edited by: Jilovsky, Esther; Silverstein, Jordana; Slucki, David

New in paperback 27th October 2020

This book is the first of its kind: an exploration of the experiences of the Third Generation - the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors - who have particular relationships to the Holocaust, mediated through their interactions with their parents, grandparents, and communities. The book's editors innovatively combine scholarly work that deals with questions of trauma and its transmission across generations, with autobiographical accounts which incorporate many of the concerns raised by scholars. The contributors include historians, literary and cultural studies scholars, psychologists, and sociologists, together with autobiographical narratives from members of the Third Generation, which illuminate the scholarly research presented. *** ''At a moment when even the last of the Holocaust survivors will soon no longer be able to speak to us directly, In the Shadows of Memory introduces a diverse third generation of grandchildren, all asking what it means to be part of another 'last' cohort, who still knew and lived among the survivors - with their trauma and their resilience - in ways that the next generation will not.they grapple with the problematic questions of 'legacy', 'generational transmission', and historical responsibility, providing us with a challenging and pioneering contribution to the future of Holocaust memory.'' -- Atina Grossmann, Professor of History, Cooper Union, New York *** Librarians: ebook available [Subject: Holocaust Studies, Jewish Studies, Sociology, History]

352 pages

Copyright: 11/10/2015