Fighting Back

British Jewry's Military Contribution in the Second World War (Second Edition)

Sugarman, Martin

This newly updated book is a response to the oft-perpetrated myths of British Jewry's lack of fighting spirit and its failure to participate in the Second World War. British Jewry has never formed more than about one half of 1% of the population, yet the figures show that their contribution to the armed forces has always been out of proportion to their numbers. Fighting Back provides insight into the Anglo-Jewish contribution to the Allied victories over the Nazi and Japanese threats. The book highlights the role of the Jews in the Spanish Civil War and the Korean War. Its wide-ranging approach to the contributions that Jews made looks at, among other things: the paratroopers at the Battle of Arnhem; the much neglected and almost forgotten Auxiliary Services of Civil Defense; the Jews at Bletchley Park; and the Jewish-Palestinian volunteers from Israel. Anglo-Jewry, together with Jews from Israel, may thus be deeply and justly proud of this history of fighting back, fighting for democracy, and fighting for peace. [Subject: Jewish Studies, Military History, World War II]

576 pages

Copyright: 3/17/2017