The Women of Obernheide

Jewish Women as Forced Laborers in Bremen, 1944-45

Müller, Hartmut

In August 1944, 800 Jewish women from Hungary and Poland were moved from Auschwitz to Bremen to undertake forced labour. This important book presents unique research on a forgotten camp and its forgotten forced workers. Hartmut Müller writes from the point of view of the women themselves. By using Survivors' written and oral accounts, and archive documentation, Müller creates a literary diary, which-together with the historical background of demands for 'employment of female prisoners'-brings to life the existence, suffering and dying of the women of Obernheide. In addition to the translation of the original German text, this edition contains the reflections of Hedy Brasch, a member of Drew University's Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study and a Survivor of Obernheide. [Subject: Gender Studies, Holocaust Studies, Oral History, WWII, Jewish Studies]

134 pages

Copyright: 5/14/2018