Essentials of Jewish History

Marlon, Brandon

An extremely well-researched and comprehensive overview of the  significant personalities in Jewish history from Abraham to the present. An excellent resource for both the scholar and layman of Jewish history.

Rabbi Ken Spiro, Senior Lecturer & Researcher, Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem

Brandon Marlon has compiled an indispensable ‘Who’s Who’ of Jewish leaders through the ages, from the very dawn to the present. Anyone interested in Jewish, Zionist, and Israeli history will want this reference work within ready reach, not just to fill gaps in knowledge, but for the pleasure of reading well-crafted sketches that entertain and enlighten.

Dr. Martin Kramer, Chair of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Shalem College

An essential reference for every home, and worthwhile cover-to-cover reading for more serious students. This book is a remarkable tour de force, spanning the breadth of four millennia of Jewish history with encyclopedic clarity. Marlon’s fascinating perspective traces unlikely continuities and discontinuities.... I think my copy will be well-worn by the time I’m done with it.

Dr. Henry Abramson, Academic Dean, Lander College of Arts & Sciences

Brandon Marlon has produced a wonderful reference book with entries from Abraham to Rabbi Sacks, ingeniously organized, with spare but provocative and enticing entries on hundreds of contributors to the Jewish adventure over the last four millennia. You’ll want a hard copy, because this is one of those books you’ll turn to on Shabbat to inform your conversations.

Dr. Richard Landes, Senior Fellow, Center for International Communication, Bar-Ilan University

Essentials of Jewish History is a comprehensive compendium for ready reference. Both a typology of leadership roles (prophets; prophetesses; high priests; Judges; kings; queens; exilarchs; courtiers; Zionists; generals; sages) and a Who’s Who, its unique value is in outlining and assembling all of these discrete categories in one convenient volume. Essentials of Jewish History is an exceptionally useful resource for scholars and laypersons alike. For knowledgeable readers, it offers the advantages of its systematic organization and inclusivity of content. For readers unfamiliar with Jewish history prior to encountering this book, it affords a newfound and solid grasp of what the first 4,000 years of Jewish history entailed.

550 pages, timeline and index

Copyright: 23/10/2019

Companion Volume: Essentials of the Land of Israel
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