Essentials of the Land of Israel

Marlon, Brandon

Essentials of the Land of Israel is an excellent resource for both the layman and scholar interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the geography and history of Israel. 

Rabbi Ken Spiro, Senior Lecturer & Researcher, Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem 

Brandon Marlon’s ready compendium of information about the Land of Israel is invaluable. Perfect for the armchair traveller, the actual traveller, or the reader of the Bible who wants to add depth to the two-dimensional map. Climb the mountains, enjoy the valleys, bathe in the waters, and walk the borders with a trusted guide. 

Dr. Martin Kramer, Chair of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Shalem College 

A comprehensive, one-volume introduction to the geography of the Land – biblical and modern.... Essentials of the Land of Israel is an essential guide to readers of the Bible who wish to understand its geographical background, and to those planning a visit to the Land itself.  

Dr. Yigal Levin, Director, The Rivlin Institute for the History of the Land of Israel and its Settlement, Bar-Ilan University 

A helpful handbook on the major geographical and topographical features of the Land of Israel. Marlon deftly surveys the most notable features and sites to acquaint [readers] with this remarkably varied region. 

Tamar Weissman, Educator, Israeli Tour Guide, and Author, Tribal Lands: The Twelve Tribes of Israel in Their Ancestral Territories 

Essentials of the Land of Israel is a comprehensive compendium for ready reference. As a geographical history of the Land of Israel, it foregrounds the most significant political and natural features of the landscape (borders; capitals; mountains; valleys; rivers; lakes; seas; deserts; forests) and the major biblical and historical events associated with them, and its unique value is in outlining and assembling all of these discrete categories in one convenient volume. Essentials of the Land of Israel is an exceptionally useful resource for scholars and laypersons alike. For knowledgeable readers, it offers the advantages of its systematic organization and inclusivity of content. For readers unfamiliar with the Land of Israel or Jewish history prior to encountering this book, it affords a newfound and solid grasp of both the lay of the land and the numerous momentous events that occurred therein.

Hardback 208 pages, 20 Maps and 15 Photos

Copyright: 25/11/2021

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