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  • Solomon Schonfeld

    Solomon Schonfeld


    A Purpose in Life

    Taylor, Derek

    For nearly fifty years, Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld was a controversial figure in British Jewry, after he took over the fledgling Charedi Union of Hebrew Congregations from his late father in 1933. Against all the odds, this charismatic rabbi built up the foundations of the organization...

  • Story of Theodore Herzl

    Story of Theodore Herzl


    A Biography for Young People

    Copyright: 1/1/1960

  • Swimming Upstream

    Swimming Upstream

    from £17.50

    A Jewish Refugee from Vienna

    Epstein, T. Scarlett

    Swimming Upstream is a remarkable life story. Born in 1922 into a Viennese Jewish family, T. Scarlett Epstein was catapulted into immediate adulthood by the Austrian Anschluss. She had to learn to think on her feet in order to save herself and her family...

  • Ten Chief Rabbis

    Ten Chief Rabbis


    Their Lives Illustrated with Artefacts from the Private Collection of Professor David Latchman
    The United Synagogue

    This unique insight into the lives of the previous Chief Rabbis, both scholarly yet accessible, has been made possible through the writing and, even more so,...

  • The Champagne Spy

    The Champagne Spy


    Israel’s Man in Egypt
    Lotz, Wolfgang 

    The true story of Wolfgang Lotz, nicknamed The Champagne Spy by his handler. His story bears a striking similarity to that of Eli Cohen, portrayed by Sasha Baron Cohen in Netflix’s The Spy.

    As a top...

  • The Remnant

    The Remnant


    On Burning Wings: To a Displaced Persons Camp and Beyond
    Kesler, Michael G. 

    Throughout the ordeal, Michael Kesler seems to have made all the right choices. Yet as his compelling memoir shows, even the best choices were often accompanied by a deep sense of shame...

  • The Worlds of Wolf Mankowitz

    The Worlds of Wolf Mankowitz

    from £19.95

    Between Elite and Popular Cultures in Post-War Britain

    Dunn, Anthony

    Wolf Mankowitz, that high-profile and pugnacious participant in the cultural life of 1950s and 1960s London, was a man of so many parts one scarcely knows where to begin. Mankowitz was an acknowledged expert on Wedgwood china (one of his special talents...

  • This Labyrinth of Darkness and Light

    This Labyrinth of Darkness and Light


    Henrietta Szold, the Rescue of Children from Hitler's Europe and her Palestine Experience
    Grigsby, Randy

    Randy Grigsby has a knack for making history come to life in his books.
    Tom Arceneaux, Attorney, Associate Hadassah Lifetime Member, AIPAC Activist

    It is history shared with the gift of accuracy and compassion; a reminder...

  • Wellesley Aron Rebel With Cause

    Wellesley Aron Rebel With Cause


    Copyright: 9/30/1992

  • Winds Over Jerusalem

    Winds Over Jerusalem


    The Story of Rae Landy, Pioneer Nurse of Hadassah

    Perkul, Debbi

    Winds Over Jerusalem provides a rare, eyewitness account of Jerusalem 1913-15, a critical period in history, through the lens of two American Jewish women. It adds insight and understanding to the complex relationship that still exists between American Jews, Israel and...