• An Anzac Zionist Hero

    An Anzac Zionist Hero

    from £18.50

    The Life of Lt-Colonel Eliazar Margolin

    Gouttman, Rodney

    An acclaimed figure in Israeli historiography, but little known in Australia, this book asks the question why. Margolin served in two armies in the First World War, the Australian and British, and was buried twice with full military honors, first in Australia, then Israel....

  • An End to Childhood - New and Expanded Edition

    An End to Childhood - New and Expanded Edition


    New and Expanded Edition

    Akavia, Miriam

    This memoir, written as fiction, but based on fact, describes the fear-filled efforts of a pair of Polish adolescents, brother and sister, to survive in secrecy and constant anxiety in Lvov at a time when Jews were being rounded up and sent to the Ghetto -...

  • An Israeli At the Court of St James's

    An Israeli At the Court of St James's


    Copyright: 1/1/1971

  • An Unlikely Heroine

    An Unlikely Heroine

    from £15.95

    Cailingold, Asher

    Copyright: 4/10/2000

  • Anglo-Jewish Poetry from Isaac Rosenberg to Elaine Feinestein

    Anglo-Jewish Poetry from Isaac Rosenberg to Elaine Feinestein

    from £19.50

    Lawson, Peter

    This is the first book-length study to survey the phenomenon of twentieth-century Anglo-Jewish poetry. It proceeds by reading established Anglo-Jewish poets against the grain of conventional thinking about English verse. For example, rather than understanding Isaac Rosenberg and Siegfried Sassoon as simply First World War poets, it approaches them...

  • Anglo-Jewry in Changing Times

    Anglo-Jewry in Changing Times

    from £19.95

    Studies in Diversity, 1840-1914

    Finestein, Israel

    300 pages

    Copyright: 3/30/1999

  • Antisemitism - The Generic Hatred

    Antisemitism - The Generic Hatred

    from £19.50

    Essays in Memory of Simon Wiesenthal

    Edited by: Fineberg, Michael; Samuels, Shimon; Weitzman, Mark

    Dedicated to the memory of the 'conscience of the Holocaust', Simon Wiesenthal - to whom it offers a number of personal tributes - this book brings together essays by a wide variety of authors on antisemitism and related...

  • Approaching the Holocaust

    Approaching the Holocaust

    from £18.95

    Texts and Contexts

    Rozett, Robert

    This is a unique book, comprising seven essays designed to make the reader think more critically about the Holocaust. It combines the author's familiarity with the history, research, bibliography and teaching of the Holocaust, to present clear examples of the importance of approaching the subject critically. It...

  • Arab Attitudes To Israel

    Arab Attitudes To Israel


    Copyright: 1/18/1973

  • Arms and Disarmament in Diplomacy

    Arms and Disarmament in Diplomacy


    Edited by: Hamilton, Keith; Johnson, Edward

    Armaments, their acquisition, employment, manufacture and supply, have, frequently in conjunction with initiatives aimed at avoiding and regulating conflict, been the subject matter of diplomacy throughout much of the twentieth century. This book, through nine essays by historians with a specialist interest in this field,...