• Uprooted


    from £14.99

    How 3000 Years of Jewish Civilization in the Arab World Vanished Overnight

    Julius, Lyn

    Who are the Jews from Arab countries? What were relations with Muslims like? What made Jews leave countries where they had been settled for thousands of years? What lessons can we learn from the mass exodus of minorities...

  • Voyage To Freedom

    Voyage To Freedom


    An Episode of Illegal Immigration to Palestine

    Copyright: 6/6/1985

  • War or Revolution

    War or Revolution

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    Russian Jews and Conscription in Britain, 1917

    Shukman, Harold

    When Britain was compelled to introduce conscription in 1916, the question arose of what to do with its 'friendly aliens'-its 30,000 Russian-Jewish refugees of military age. The Tsar didn't want them back to serve in his army, and they had no desire to...

  • Warning and Hope

    Warning and Hope


    The Nazi Murder of European Jewry

    Samelson, William

    Warning and Hope is unique in many ways. It is a well of information about the Nazi persecution of the Jews and other minorities, the global consequences of these acts of terror and the mentality of the perpetrators as well as the victims, and...

  • Wartime Experiences in Lithuania

    Wartime Experiences in Lithuania


    Lozansky Bogomolnaya, Rivka

    Copyright: 11/7/2000

  • We Are Strangers Here

    We Are Strangers Here


    An Enemy Alien in Prison in 1940

    Borchard, Ruth

    Ruth Borchardt's Interned: An Enemy Alien in Holloway Prison, reproduced here with an introduction by Charmian Brinson, was written but not completed in 1943, and only came to light after the author's recent death. The novel vividly describes the plight of a young...

  • We Have Reason to Believe

    We Have Reason to Believe


    Fifth Edition

    Jacobs, Louis

    This book examines the basic beliefs of Judaism in light of modern thought. Its shape is traditional but not fundamentalist. This book, the main cause of the 'Jacobs Affair' in which the author's appointment to an Orthodox Rabbinic position was vetoed, suggests that the doctrine Torah Min Ha-Shamayyin...

  • We Will Remember Them

    We Will Remember Them


    A Record of the Jews Who Died in the Armed Forces of the Crown from 1939 (Second Edition, Greatly Expanded and Revised)

    Edited by: Morris, Henry; Sugarman, Martin

    This highly illustrated second edition, first published in 1989, contains a comprehensive and indispensable history of the Jewish contribution to the British Armed Forces...

  • Wellesley Aron Rebel With Cause

    Wellesley Aron Rebel With Cause


    Copyright: 9/30/1992

  • Whatever Happened to British Jewish Studies?

    Whatever Happened to British Jewish Studies?


    Edited by: Ewence, Hannah; Kushner, Tony

    This wide-ranging collection of essays investigates the current position and purpose of British Jewish studies in the modern age. Taking the post-1880 period as its focal point, the book adopts an innovative approach that brings together trans-disciplinary, historical, and cultural perspectives viewed through the prism...