• Frank's Way

    Frank's Way


    Frank Cass and Fifty Years of Publishing

    Black, Gerry

    This is a history of Frank Cass, the man, and Frank Cass, the company. The two are inextricably linked together, so it is inevitably a mixture of both a company history and a biography, set against the dramatically changing background of the publishing...

  • From Krakow to Berkeley: Coming out of Hiding

    From Krakow to Berkeley: Coming out of Hiding

    from £18.95

    An immigrant's search for identity and belonging

    Rabkin, Anna

    What happens to a child whose early life is marked by trauma and loss? Can a reviled other find the courage to speak out? Anna Rabkin's comfortable childhood in Krakow ended abruptly when her Jewish family fled both Communists and Nazis during World...

  • Giacomo Meyerbeer and his Family

    Giacomo Meyerbeer and his Family


    Between Two Worlds
    Elaine Thornton

    Thornton provides a pithy family biography of the well-known Berlin Beer family that illuminates the paradoxical situation between enlightenment and antisemitism that Jews faced in the German territories in the 19th century.
    Dr Susanne Korbel, University of Gratz

  • Great Philanthropists

    Great Philanthropists


    Wealth and Charity in the Modern World 1815-1945

    Edited by: Cesarani, David; Mandler, Peter

    What is a philanthropist? Why do they do what they do? What impact do they have? What makes them tick? What in their personal biographies, their communities, their backgrounds, and their moment in time drove them to devote...

  • Haham Moses Gaster

    Haham Moses Gaster


    Wayward Genius
    Derek Taylor

    A Zionist before Theodor Herzl, the only Ashkenazi Haham the Sephardim ever appointed, the only senior British Jewish spiritual figure to be dismissed, a world expert on the Samaritans, a collector of 2,000 manuscripts, a scholar with a 45,000 book library...

  • He Also Spoke as a Jew

    He Also Spoke as a Jew

    from £19.95

    The Life of the Reverend James Parkes

    Chertok, Haim

    This exhaustive, full-scale biography of the twentieth century's most dedicated Gentile fighter against antisemitism is a key resource for those who would like to learn more of Parkes the man and his work in reconciling Christianity and Judaism. Virtually alone among Christians, James...

  • Helping With Inquiries

    Helping With Inquiries


    An Autobiography

    Jacobs, Louis

    This autobiography of one of the world's leading Jewish religious thinkers and teachers, and the central participant in the dramatic 'Jacobs affair', begins with his early boyhood in a poor district of Manchester. The story covers his student life at Gateshead and London University, his trips overseas and...

  • Hermann Adler

    Hermann Adler


    The King's Chief Rabbi
    Taylor, Derek 
    With a foreword by Lord Jacob Rothschild, OM

    Hermann Adler contributed enormously as Chief Rabbi to the Jewish community in the UK and beyond.
    From the Foreword by Lord Jacob Rothschild, OM

    When Chief Rabbi Adler died in 1911, his friend, Sir Adolph Tuck wrote: ‘The fame of...

  • In Kindling Flame

    In Kindling Flame


    The Story of Hannah Senesh 1921-1944 [Second Edition]

    Atkinson, Linda

    Winner of the National Jewish Book Award when it was first published in 1985, In Kindling Flame tells the impassioned story of a young woman who left Europe for Palestine in 1939, when she was just 18, but returned five years later...

  • Israel Isidor Mattuck, Architect of Liberal Judaism

    Israel Isidor Mattuck, Architect of Liberal Judaism

    from £20.00

    Fox, Pam

    Now available in paperback, this biography shows how Israel Isidor Mattuck was probably the most influential figure in the development of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue (LJS) in the UK and the wider Liberal Jewish movement through his involvement with the World Union for Progressive Judaism, which he chaired from...