• Levi Eshkol

    Levi Eshkol


    From Pioneering Operator to Tragic Hero - A Doer

    Aronson, Shlomo

    Including research from newly opened domestic and foreign archives, this book provides an original description and analysis of a crucial period in Israel's history and the history of the Middle East through the lens of the charming, lesser known,...

  • Man on the Rock

    Man on the Rock


    Mayor Solomon Levy and the Jews of Gibraltar

    Freedland, Michael

    This is the story of perhaps the world's most unusual Jewish community, told through the eyes of the oldest member of one of its most unusual families. Solomon 'Momy' Levy is one of the best known figures in Gibraltar. Levy was the...

  • Music Man

    Music Man

    from £14.95

    The Story of Frank Simon

    Copyright: 2/1/1994

  • Never Tell Anyone You’re Jewish

    Never Tell Anyone You’re Jewish


    My Family, the Holocaust and the Aftermath
    Chamberlain, Maria

    With a scientific mind and a profound personal dedication, Maria Chamberlain takes her reader on a journey into the family history. The book combines research and reflection, history and memory, and provides rare insights into...

  • No Past Tense

    No Past Tense

    from £14.95

    Love and Survival in the Shadow of the Holocaust

    Stone, D.Z.

    Kati and Willi Salcers resilience in the face of terror demonstrates how nothing can stop us from living our lives. They are the definition of inspiration.
    Tony Robbins NY Times #1 Best Selling Author, Philanthropist, and the World s...

  • Opening the Drawer

    Opening the Drawer


    The Hidden Identities of Polish Jews

    Cohen, Barry

    Made up of contributions by the three generations of Polish Jews ... it gives a multi-sided and nuanced picture not only of Jewish identity in Poland but of the complex history of Poland and its Jews from the Second World War to...

  • Pani Stefa and the Orphans

    Pani Stefa and the Orphans


    Out of the Shadow of Korczak
    Kicinska, Magdalena 
    Translated by Sean Gasper Bye

    At a moment when communists were engineering a New Man, and Zionists a New Jew, a doctor and a teacher devoted themselves to a social experiment: raising a new child....

  • Perlzweig



    Pioneer of British Zionism

    Perlzweig, Maurice

    Edited by: Caute, David

    Maurice L. Perlzweig (1895-1985) was the eldest son of an immigrant Jewish cantor and musical composer. The young Maurice gained degrees at UCL and Christ's College, Cambridge. Having abandoned Orthodox Judaism, he became second minister at the Liberal Jewish Synagogue...

  • Sir Sigmund Sternberg

    Sir Sigmund Sternberg


    The Knight with Many Hats

    Klein, Emma

    Sir Sigmund Sternberg was born and raised in a comfortable middle-class family in Hungary. On the eve of the World War II, as an 18-year old, Sternberg was forced to flee his home. He joined his extended family in Britain, helping his cousin Solomon Schonfeld...

  • Soldier of Jerusalem

    Soldier of Jerusalem


    Narkiss, Uzi

    This is the autobiography of one of the leading military figures in Israeli history. Having grown up in Mandatory Jerusalem, the author relates how the second generation of Israeli 'pioneers' contributed their resources to the building of the state by applying themselves to the young country's defense. The book...