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  • Family Albums

    Family Albums


    Ostrava and its Jews Volume 2
    Lawson, David and Salomonovičová, Libuše

    In Volume I, Ostrava and its Jews, the authors present the story of the Ostrava Jewish Community from its beginning in the eighteenth century, through the Holocaust to the present. After the murder of almost all the Jewish population,...

  • Jewish Labour Movement


    Taylor, Derek

    The Jewish Labour Movement helped found the Labour Party, and has always been at the heart of the British Labour movement.
    This book, published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of its affiliation to the Labour Party in 1920, tells the story of this remarkable organisation from...

  • Mandate



    The Palestine Crucible, 1919-1939
    Turnberg, Leslie 

    (A)n astonishing feat of scholarship and analysis that sits at the nexus of history, foreign policy and most importantly, a timely assessment of where Britain is heading based on the prison and prism of the past. It is...

  • New Voices

    New Voices


    Contemporary Writers Confronting the Holocaust

    Debs, Howard and Silverman, Matthew (Eds)

    New Voices is ground-breaking. The editors selected 58 distinct images from noted collections consisting of vintage photography, propaganda posters, newsreel stills and the like, matching each to a poet, short story or flash fiction writer, plus features by...

  • The Remnant

    The Remnant


    On Burning Wings: To a Displaced Persons Camp and Beyond
    Kesler, Michael G. 

    Throughout the ordeal, Michael Kesler seems to have made all the right choices. Yet as his compelling memoir shows, even the best choices were often accompanied by a deep sense of shame...

  • The US: 150 Years of Service

    The US: 150 Years of Service


    llustrated by 150 Orders of Service and key artefacts from the collection of Professor David Latchman
    United Synagogue
    Divrei Bracha from Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
    Message from Michael Goldstein, President of the United Synagogue

    For 150 years, The United...

  • Working for the War Effort

    Working for the War Effort


    ‘Enemy Aliens’ in British Propaganda in the Second World War
    Brinson, Charmian and Dove, Richard

    This book explores a facet of British propaganda during the Second World War that has previously hardly been addressed or considered: the apparent anomaly that much of Britain’s wartime propaganda was prepared and...