Holocaust Studies

  • Between Auschwitz and Jerusalem

    Between Auschwitz and Jerusalem

    from £17.95

    Jewish Collective Identity in Crisis

    Gorny, Yosef

    This book analyzes the dialectic relations between the two major components of the collective Jewish identity - the Holocaust and the state of Israel. The symbolic points for the beginning and the end of From Auschwitz to Jerusalem are the Eichmann trial in Israel and...

  • Cartoons and Extremism

    Cartoons and Extremism


    Israel and the Jews in Arab and Western Media

    Kotek, Joel

    The outrage sparked by the Danish cartoon affair - the publication of images of the Prophet Muhammad in the European press - was a sharp reminder of the potency of the cartoon in the modern media. It is one of the...

  • Cecilia Razovsky and the American Jewish Women's Rescue Operations in the Second World War

    Cecilia Razovsky and the American Jewish Women's Rescue Operations i...

    from £19.95

    Zucker, Bat-Ami

    This book highlights Jewish women's activities in the 1930s and 1940s as they were reflected in one outstanding woman - Cecilia Razovsky. Her wide range of activities spanning more than fifty years and her outstanding devotion to assisting refugees and refugee children reveal her as a woman who dedicated...

  • Children of the Holocaust

    Children of the Holocaust


    Edited by: Reiter, Andrea

    Children of the Holocaust contains the papers delivered at a conference to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day 2004, which was held under the auspices of the AHRC Parkes Centre at the University of Southampton. The book addresses questions of representation of the Holocaust by and of children, both...

  • Confronting the Perpetrators

    Confronting the Perpetrators

    from £20.00

    A History of the Claims Conference

    Henry, R; Henry, Marilyn

    At the end of the twentieth century, the world seemed to rediscover Holocaust survivors. Ceremonies commemorating the 50th anniversary of World War II-era events offered occasions for reflection about the war, its heroes, and its victims. In the US, broad interest in...

  • Constructing the Holocaust

    Constructing the Holocaust

    from £19.50

    A Study in Historiography

    Stone, Dan

    Constructing the Holocaust examines the development of Holocaust historiography in the light of recent critical philosophy of history. It argues that the Holocaust provides both the occasion for, and the ultimate test of, new ways of giving meaning to the past. It also shows that examining...

  • Creator of Nazi Death Camps

    Creator of Nazi Death Camps


    The Life of Odilo Globocnik

    Rieger, Berndt

    A key player in the annexation of Austria in 1938, Odilo Globocnik was made Gauleiter of Vienna for seven months until the Nazi party forced him to resign because of his abrasive manner, murky financial dealings, and blatant incompetence. Due to a close personal relationship...

  • Did You Ever Meet Hitler, Miss?

    Did You Ever Meet Hitler, Miss?


    A Holocaust Survivor Talks to Young People

    Levi, Trude

    Teaching the Holocaust is a difficult and sensitive task. The facts and figures are readily available but it is the individual experiences that engage and interest pupils and allow them to understand the full implications of the Holocaust. Consequently, this book by Trude...

  • Extermination Camp Treblinka

    Extermination Camp Treblinka

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    Chrostowski, Witold

    Although Auschwitz is probably the most well known of the Nazi extermination camps, it is Treblinka which is the most notorious. During the 13 months of its existence, 850,000 were robbed and murdered within its precincts. This camp, along with Belzec and Sobibor, also located in Poland, are often...

  • Fascism and the Jews

    Fascism and the Jews


    Italy and Britain

    Edited by: Garau, Salvatore; Tilles, Daniel

    Interwar European fascism is inextricably associated with anti-semitism - and, in particular, the destructive racial ideology and policies of the Nazis. Certainly, as the period progressed, anti-semitism did become an increasingly integral ideological component for European fascist movements, with Italy and Britain as...