Holocaust Studies

  • The Survivors

    The Survivors


    The Story of the Belsen Remnant

    Goodman, Cecily; Hardman, Leslie

    Leslie H. Hardman, a Jewish chaplain, entered Belsen camp two days after its liberation by the British Army. This book tells the story of what he found there, and what he did. The horror which first confronts him is overwhelming, and something...

  • The Women of Obernheide

    The Women of Obernheide


    Jewish Women as Forced Laborers in Bremen, 1944-45

    Müller, Hartmut

    In August 1944, 800 Jewish women from Hungary and Poland were moved from Auschwitz to Bremen to undertake forced labour. This important book presents unique research on a forgotten camp and its forgotten forced workers. Hartmut Müller writes from...

  • This Labyrinth of Darkness and Light

    This Labyrinth of Darkness and Light


    Henrietta Szold, the Rescue of Children from Hitler's Europe and her Palestine Experience
    Grigsby, Randy

    Randy Grigsby has a knack for making history come to life in his books.
    Tom Arceneaux, Attorney, Associate Hadassah Lifetime Member, AIPAC Activist

    It is history shared with the gift of accuracy and compassion; a reminder...