Holocaust Studies

  • The Holocaust and Local History

    The Holocaust and Local History


    Edited by: Kuhne, Thomas; Lawson, Tom

    This collection brings together a number of cutting edge Holocaust histories written by younger scholars and includes an introduction reflecting on the role of 'the local' in Holocaust studies. In doing so, the book emphasizes seeking local answers to global questions on the origins of...

  • The Holocaust in Israeli Public Debate in the 1950s

    The Holocaust in Israeli Public Debate in the 1950s


    Ideology and Memory

    Stauber, Roni

    This book is the first comprehensive, as well as impartial, account of the various ways the people of the state of Israel, beginning with their social integration in the 1950s, grappled with the still fresh memory of the Holocaust and with finding a suitable way of commemorating...

  • The Jews of Lemberg

    The Jews of Lemberg

    from £18.95

    A Journey to Empty Places

    Driebergen, Michiel; Zorgdrager, Heleen

    A hundred years ago Lemberg (also known as Lviv and Lwow) was part of the Habsburg Empire and famed for its splendour and rich cultural life. Until the German occupation in 1941, a Jewish community of over 100,000 people lived in Lwow. When...

  • The Lie that Wouldn't Die

    The Lie that Wouldn't Die

    from £18.95

    The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    Ben-Itto, Hadassa

    Of all the libels that have served as a means of incitement of hate against Jews, and as intellectual justification of anti-Semitism, the myth of the so-called 'Jewish Conspiracy' to gain domination of the whole world, as embodied in the forged Protocols of...

  • The Memory of the Holocaust in Australia

    The Memory of the Holocaust in Australia

    from £18.95

    Edited by: Jordan, James; Lawson, Tom

    This collection of essays considers the development of Holocaust memory in Australia since 1945. Bringing together the work of younger and more established scholars, the volume examines Holocaust memory in a variety of local and national contexts from both inside and outside of Australia's Jewish...

  • The Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazis

    The Mufti of Jerusalem and the Nazis

    from £18.95

    The Berlin Years

    Gensicke, Klaus

    Amin al-Husaini is undeniably one of the key figures of the 20th century. He was the religious head of the Palestinian Muslims for 16 years, their political leader for 30 years, and, for a time, he was the most important representative of the Arab world....

  • The Story of the Selvino Children

    The Story of the Selvino Children

    from £16.95

    Journey to the Promised Land

    Megged, Aharon

    Fundamentally a documentary, Selvino's Children describes the story of the rehabilitation of 800 Jewish children, Holocaust survivors, in the first few years after the Second Word War in a small town near Milano-Selvino. There, Jewish-Palestinian soldiers, with the help of committed and well-wishing Italians, built...

  • The Survivors

    The Survivors

    from £11.95

    The Story of the Belsen Remnant

    Goodman, Cecily; Hardman, Leslie

    Leslie H. Hardman, a Jewish chaplain, entered Belsen camp two days after its liberation by the British Army. This book tells the story of what he found there, and what he did. The horror which first confronts him is overwhelming, and something...

  • The Women of Obernheide

    The Women of Obernheide


    Jewish Women as Forced Laborers in Bremen, 1944-45

    Müller, Hartmut

    In August 1944, 800 Jewish women from Hungary and Poland were moved from Auschwitz to Bremen to undertake forced labour. This important book presents unique research on a forgotten camp and its forgotten forced workers. Hartmut Müller writes from...