Jewish History

  • Jews in Glasgow 1879-1939

    Jews in Glasgow 1879-1939


    Immigration and Integration

    Braber, Ben

    This is the first study of the integration of Jewish immigrants, from eastern and central Europe, into Scotland and places Scottish Jewish history in context. The book looks at aspects of their immigration and integration into Scottish society, namely: the reaction of the native population and the...

  • Jews in the Merchant Navy in the Second World War

    Jews in the Merchant Navy in the Second World War


    Last Voices

    Sugarman, Martin

    I would encourage anyone, of any religion (and indeed no religion) to read their stories of service and survival in some of the world's harshest seas.--Commander James Cohen QVRM RD VR RNR, formerly SO1 Maritime Trade Operations ***For those who served in the Merchant Navy in the World...

  • Jews, Horns and the Devil

    Jews, Horns and the Devil


    An Illustrated History

    Felton, Anton

    Cartoons uniting visual representation with cultural associations, can cause devastation. One picture may save a thousand words but we will never know how many hundreds of thousands of lives were not saved, how many millions of lives were not even lived, because of the climate...

  • King of Children

    King of Children


    The Life and Death of Janusz Korczak

    Lifton, Betty

    This is the tragic story of Janusz Korczak (as featured in the major motion picture The Zookeeper's Wife) who chose to perish in Treblinka rather than abandon the Jewish orphans in his care. Korczak comes alive in this acclaimed biography by Betty Jean...

  • Licoricia of Winchester

    Licoricia of Winchester

    from £22.50

    Marriage, Motherhood and Murder in the Medieval Anglo-Jewish Community

    Bartlet, Suzanne

    Edited by: Skinner, Patricia

    On a spring day in 1277, the prominent Jewish businesswoman Licoricia of Winchester was found by her daughter murdered, stabbed to death in her own house. Alongside Licoricia's body was that of her Christian maid, Alice. Why was...

  • London Jews and British Communism 1935-1945

    London Jews and British Communism 1935-1945

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    Copyright: 2/1/1995

  • Loyal Sons

    Loyal Sons

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    Jews in the German Army in the Great War

    Appelbaum, Peter

    During World War I, approximately 100,000 Jews served in the German army, of whom around 80,000 fought on the Front and 12,500 were killed, died, or went missing in action. About 35,000 were decorated, 23,000 promoted, and more than 2,000 became...

  • Loyalty Betrayed

    Loyalty Betrayed

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    Jewish Chaplains in the German Army During the First World War

    Appelbaum, Peter

    Around 30 Jewish chaplains served with honor and distinction in the German army during World War I, providing spiritual care for about 100,000 Jewish, as well as non-Jewish, soldiers, and also Jewish refugees made homeless by the Tsarist army....

  • Messianism, Secrecy and Mysticism

    Messianism, Secrecy and Mysticism


    A New Interpretation of Early American Jewish Life

    Leibman, Laura

    Winner of the 2012 Jordan Schnitzer Book Award in the Category of Cultural Studies and Media Studies, and in January 2013 a winner of a National Jewish Book Award in the category of American Jewish Studies, Messianism, Secrecy and Mysticism offers a...

  • Noblesse Oblige

    Noblesse Oblige


    Essays in Honour of David Kessler Obe

    Edited by: Alan Crown,

    Copyright: 8/20/1998