Holocaust Studies

  • Debating the Zeitgeist and being Second Generation

    Debating the Zeitgeist and being Second Generation


    David, Miriam E. and Moos, Merilyn (Eds)

    This book is not a study about the second generation but gives voice to the second generation themselves. It provides fascinating and unique insights as to how the ‘second generation’ feels about themselves and their place within...

  • Did You Ever Meet Hitler, Miss?

    Did You Ever Meet Hitler, Miss?


    A Holocaust Survivor Talks to Young People

    Levi, Trude

    Teaching the Holocaust is a difficult and sensitive task. The facts and figures are readily available but it is the individual experiences that engage and interest pupils and allow them to understand the full implications of the Holocaust. Consequently, this book by Trude...

  • Echoes of a Lost Voice

    Echoes of a Lost Voice

    from £20.00

    Encounters with Primo Levi

    Calcagno, Giorgio; Poli, Gabriella

    Edited by: Angier, Carole

    New in paperback April 2020

    Primo Levi - chemist, Italian, Jew, survivor of Auschwitz - was one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century. His masterpiece, If This Is a Man, is still one of...

  • Extermination Camp Treblinka

    Extermination Camp Treblinka

    from £16.95

    Chrostowski, Witold

    Although Auschwitz is probably the most well known of the Nazi extermination camps, it is Treblinka which is the most notorious. During the 13 months of its existence, 850,000 were robbed and murdered within its precincts. This camp, along with Belzec and Sobibor, also located in Poland, are often...

  • Fascism and the Jews

    Fascism and the Jews


    Italy and Britain

    Edited by: Garau, Salvatore; Tilles, Daniel

    Interwar European fascism is inextricably associated with anti-semitism - and, in particular, the destructive racial ideology and policies of the Nazis. Certainly, as the period progressed, anti-semitism did become an increasingly integral ideological component for European fascist movements, with Italy and Britain as...

  • Film and the Shoah in France and Italy

    Film and the Shoah in France and Italy


    Lichtner, Giacomo

    Film and the Shoah in France and Italy is a uniquely comparative analysis of the role of cinema in the development of collective memories of the Shoah in these countries. The work follows a chronological structure of which three French documentaries - Night and Fog, The Sorrow, and The...

  • Forgetting to Remember

    Forgetting to Remember


    Religious Remembrance and the Literary Response to the Holocaust

    Marshall, Sheridan

    Forgetting to Remember examines the remembrance of the Holocaust in literary texts by six European writers: Paul Celan, Geoffrey Hill, Gunter Grass, Imre Kertesz, Peter Weiss, and Samuel Beckett. Close readings of canonical texts - such as Grass's The Tin Drum...

  • From Nuremberg to Hollywood

    From Nuremberg to Hollywood

    from £25.00

    The Holocaust and the Courtroom in American Fictive Film

    Jordan, James

    New in paperback August 2021

    From Nuremberg to Hollywood is a transformative book that explores the evolving relationship between the act of bearing witness to the Holocaust in...

  • From the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Holocaust Denial Trials

    From the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Holocaust Denial Trials


    Challenging the Media, the Law and the Academy

    Edited by: Herman, Gerald; Kaufman, Debra; Phillips, David; Ross, James

    Reacting to the Irving / Lipstadt trial, the editors of this volume sought to use this latest trial as a catalyst to investigate the larger question that arose from what is now a century...

  • From Victim to Survivor

    From Victim to Survivor


    The Emergence and Development of the Holocaust Witness, 1941-1949

    Taft, Margaret

    This original study into the development of the Holocaust witness is a groundbreaking contribution to the scholarship of early Holocaust testimony. From Victim to Survivor challenges the prevailing view that the Eichmann trial in 1961 was the impetus for the public...